Rebug CFW 4.21.1 XMB Mod v1.5

by ps3iso on December 10, 2012

Its always nice to see some of the modded CFW around the scene, IcEmAn2012 has released v1.5 of his Rebug-CFW, and it packs some nice features.

To quote:

XMB Features

  • Modded XMB Categories:

    • Multimedia
    • Tool
    • Homebrew
    • PlayStation
    • Games
    • Install
    • PSN Kontakte
  • Install Manager is divided in 7 Systemordner:
    • PS3 Hard Disk (Intern)
    • Homebrew (Tools)
    • PSN Content
    • PS1 PSN Content
    • PKG Patches/Updates
    • PKG Content
  • PlayStation Category for PS1 PKG Game Icons (installed PKG’s are shown separate under Games Category !)
  • Network-Settings/Game Data Utility Info
  • app/home/PS3_GAME/ –> Launch Application (Emulation)
  • Internet Browser in PlayStation Network integrated
  • Install Category modified for File Manager
  • Modded XMB-DE/US/UK/NL-Flashfiles
  • Install Manager has been translated
  • Homebrew Category for Apps
  • Tool Category for Tools
  • Multimedia Category
  • Icons added
  • REBUG Boot Info
  • REBUG Gameboot
  • REBUG Slim Theme
  • ULTIMATE Boot Sound
  • animated REBUG Boot Logo


  • Multimedia Manager in Multimedia Category integrated
  • Install Bubble Content added under PSN Content
  • File Manager in Install Category integrated
  • Icons fixed

REBUG CFW 4.21.1 XMB MOD v1.5 [ICE EDITION] All-in-One Installer 1.5

Install Bubble Content:

  • Original XMB [REX EDITION] Installer
  • [US] [UK] [NL] Language Packs
  • [ICE EDITION] Extra Content
  • Homebrew


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