Rebug CFW 4.21.1 XMB Mod v1.5

December 10, 2012

Its always nice to see some of the modded CFW around the scene, IcEmAn2012 has released v1.5 of his Rebug-CFW, and it packs some nice features.

To quote:

XMB Features

  • Modded XMB Categories:

    • Multimedia
    • Tool
    • Homebrew
    • PlayStation
    • Games
    • Install
    • PSN Kontakte
  • Install Manager is divided in 7 Systemordner:
    • PS3 Hard Disk (Intern)
    • Homebrew (Tools)
    • PSN Content
    • PS1 PSN Content
    • PKG Patches/Updates
    • PKG Content
  • PlayStation Category for PS1 PKG Game Icons (installed PKG’s are shown separate under Games Category !)
  • Network-Settings/Game Data Utility Info
  • app/home/PS3_GAME/ –> Launch Application (Emulation)
  • Internet Browser in PlayStation Network integrated
  • Install Category modified for File Manager
  • Modded XMB-DE/US/UK/NL-Flashfiles
  • Install Manager has been translated
  • Homebrew Category for Apps
  • Tool Category for Tools
  • Multimedia Category
  • Icons added
  • REBUG Boot Info
  • REBUG Gameboot
  • REBUG Slim Theme
  • ULTIMATE Boot Sound
  • animated REBUG Boot Logo


  • Multimedia Manager in Multimedia Category integrated
  • Install Bubble Content added under PSN Content
  • File Manager in Install Category integrated
  • Icons fixed

REBUG CFW 4.21.1 XMB MOD v1.5 [ICE EDITION] All-in-One Installer 1.5

Install Bubble Content:

  • Original XMB [REX EDITION] Installer
  • [US] [UK] [NL] Language Packs
  • [ICE EDITION] Extra Content
  • Homebrew


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