Rebug Come Out Of Hibernation!

May 30, 2012

Rebug have been seemingly sleeping it off for a while, relaxing while everyone else is at each others throats about the legitimacy of PS3 rumours.  Finally the team step back up to the plate and release an update of awesome proportions!

May 29th saw the release of Rebug Update Package 0.7 (3.55.2 CFW), an update that adds some damn nice functionality to your hacked 3.55 PS3.

The update is packing a 4.11 version spoof, ReActPSN 2.0 functionality, previous bug fixes, and last but not least, PSN access!  If using the PSN on your CFW is a risk you are willing to take then by all means get amongst this CFW.

The link to the update page is below, and you can download all necessary files there.  A short video tutorial is below too on how to install this awesome update:

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