Rebug Releases 4.21 CFW

November 3, 2012

With the PS3 scene abuzz like never before, we have seen a lot of talented teams be the first to jump the gun when it comes to being the first to bring us into the 4.21 universe. Rogero’s releases (despite early bricking issues) have been strong to say the least, but this new rebug option is going to have you staggered with its feature set. For one, the old Rebug Selector has been totally redone. Enough to be given a new name called the rebug Toolbox. Which is really appropriate because there are a lot of tools offered here.

Probably the biggest thing to note here is that in this firmware there are totally complete CEX and DEX booting modes. That means if you’re a developer who hates having to constantly convert your console to move into retail configuration than you’ll be in luck. Making that change is as simple as moving into the boot menu. Not to mention thanks to dual LV2 Kernels, that change can happen within seconds! On that add support for additional tools like ProDG and QA Token are now also possible. Last in the new list comes full OtherOS++ support as well, so even if you’re looking to boot into a Linux variant you’ll be good to go. Essentially what I’m saying is, Rebug is offering users a complete package that should not be ignored by our community. Whether you like the functionality of DEX or prefer to stay on CEX, this firmware will have you covered!


Tags: 4.21, CFW, PS3 Hacks, Rebug

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