RED ALERT: Stay Away From TB Clones, True Blue’s Spazzing!

April 4, 2012

True Blue… Out of line, out of pocket, out of order motherfuckers. Maybe their shit is a scam. Looking back on the M33 Firmware incident, maybe it’s not. Voice your opinion after reading this one.

Earlier today, the True Blue dongle website was updated to give a warning to owners of cloned dongles and manufacturers themselves. We already heard of the anti-clone technology in the True Blue firmware in the past but now, the TB team is making it clear what those protections will do.

According to them, a “special effect” will be activated at any time while the cloned dongle is in use. The example effect that they mentioned is that the PS3’s internal HDD will be erased, thus resulting in total data loss, an incomplete firmware, etc. To insult to injury, TB mentions that they are developing new effects to be added.

I think that the True Blue team has overstepped their boundaries here. I do understand that they have to protect against clones just as anyone would. However, I don’t think that they had to take it as far as erasing the PS3’s HDD. I mean, it wouldn’t be fair to those who just bought the clone for its price or got one as a gift from someone.

For those who can remember the M33 firmware fiasco with PS3News, it went something along the lines of this incident. PS3News was editing M33’s custom firmware releases for the PSP and then re-releasing it. When 3.51 and 3.52 M33 was released, it is made known that PS3News wasn’t a reputable site for firmware distribution and that a file check was in place. If the check failed, the installer will shut down thus bricking the PSP. This was done to stop PS3News from editing. Unfortunately, it did not stop them and hundreds of PSPs were bricked. What was M33’s response…Take your grievances to the site owner.

After a while however, the M33 team did come to terms with theirselves and promised that they will create a tool that will reverse the bricks. Sooner or later, Pandora’s Battery was born. In this case, there was a redeeming factor and all the PSPs that were victim to PS3News are probably working again.

Now the question is, will True Blue be offering a fix for the users that they will be affecting or will they just not give a shit?

At the time of writing, their site is down.

Source: PS3Hax

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