RED ALERT: Venix GUI Downgrader Bricks Consoles

April 9, 2012

Something about the Venix GUI downgrader isn’t stirring the Kool Aid for the scene. Reports are circulating that it’s out to get you and your PS3 … bricked

According to a post made on the PS3Dev Wiki, from a developer who have tested the application, all it has proven to do is generate bad files which in turn would brick the PS3 being downgraded. On top of that, there are no fail safes implemented that would correct the bad files. That’s not nice at all. Here’s what that person had to say:

This tool is known and proven to give false positives on bad dumps that lead to permabricks.
Use this method: Validating flash dumps to make sure dumps are in crisp condition.
You cannot recover from bad flash without proper dumps (e.g. bricking the console beyond repair).

He also provided links on the PS3Dev Wiki to ensure you get yourself a proper dump for flashing.

Recommendation: Validate flash dumps first and use Flowrebuilder or Winskeet with autopatcher instead.

So with that being said, stay away from Venix if you want to keep your console working.

Source: PS3Dev Wiki

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