Red Ribbon Update On The Loose

February 1, 2013

In case you haven’t heard all the buzz, using the OtherOS function is probably one of the single coolest ways that you can utilize a CFW PS3. Sure the folks over at Sony may have gotten rid of the idea in year’s past, but if you’re running the 3.55 or even a specific version of 4.XX then you should be exploring the value of Linux. After all, who wouldn’t want to use their PS3 as a full Linux machine with a processor as powerful as the cell?

In terms of its features, there is a new logout screen that will allow you to boot right back into GameOS without having to reboot your system. There is also an updated version of the Red Ribbon theme to keep the GUI looking nice and fresh with the times. Lastly, if you were having problems rebooting or shutting down, a few extra included bug fixes should be there to help you out! It should be noted if you see a red light blinking on your system when shutting down, everything is okay, the issue will correct itself.

Looking to get the download? Head over to lxterminal and download the file with the “wget” command. Execute it by using this line of code after download “sudo sh” Linux users rejoice! Updates are here!


Tags: CFW, OtherOS, PS3 Hacks, red ribbon

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