Release: 6.60 TN-A CFE CFW (PSP) for the PS Vita (US files)

October 3, 2012

The recently released HEN for the EU Urbanix has been ported to US version of the game already! The instructions and functionality are all the same as EU, simply use the following save game data in place of what was released for the EU variant. Yosh has also helped us and injected the exploit directly into the US save game files, this means only one folder is needed.

You can find the us files here. (this page has links for both the EU and the US versions).

Please stay tuned to the blog for many developments that are sure to come as well as updates and more. The game has also been removed from PSN and download lists worldwide. If you didn’t get it yet you are out of luck.

People who are on lower firmwares with a previous exploit such as Monster hunter, Super Collapse 3, etc… should stay there and wait.

I want to add a special thanks to Yatter, Yosh, bubby323, Joeyj33, PSVitaEucfw, everyone else that has been working hard in the community and in the IRC chat room.

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