Release: 6.60 TN-A H.BIN mod by Hiroi01: run TN HEN on any usermode exploit

October 8, 2012

Good news, everyone! If you happen to be running VHBL on one of the previous exploits such as Monster Hunter, this is for you: Japanese developer Hiroi01 created a new loader that makes Total_Noob’s 6.60 CFE TN-A compatible with your game. That’s right, this is not limited to Urbanix anymore.

Please note that I haven’t tested this yet, and I suspect it might only work on 1.80 and 1.81, so technically this could be a solution limited to Monster Hunter owners (as far as I know, some offsets are different between all these firmwares, and that could prevent TN’s exploit from working correctly on earlier firmwares), but please give it a try and report success or failure.

Installation is relatively simple, but requires you to follow the steps carefully, don’t mix up the files :)

  • Get VHBL for your user exploit (for example, VHBL for Monster hunter if you have Monster Hunter and are running on 1.80). The purpose of this step is not to get VHBL, but to get the exploited savegame for your game. VHBL is actually not used at all in this process.
  • Get Total_Noob’s TN-A for Urbanix (yes, it’s the Urbanix version, at this point it does *not* matter that you don’t have the game Urbanix
  • Get Hiroi01′s mod here
  • Replace your VHBL’s H.BIN with the H.BIN from the mod
  • Install all of that to your Vita with Open CMA, and run the exploit like you would normally run VHBL
  • TN’s exploit should load.

Again, I haven’t tested this yet, so please report failure or success :)

Source hiroi01

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