Release: 6.60 TN-B for Urbanix and Mad Blocker Alpha

October 9, 2012

Total_Noob just released an update to his eCFW for the Vita, CEF 6.60 TN Hen. The game makes compatibility with previous exploits easier to achieve, brings some bug fixes, but more importantly, brings compatibility with the game Mad blocker Alpha.

We organized a Ninja Release for the game, and hopefully many people were able to buy it in time, but sadly, the name of the game was leaked by a handful of people, and got pulled from the Sony PSN (this is at least confirmed for Europe, people in the US might have better luck) before we could do this public announcement. 15’000 members of our forums were part of the Ninja release, and in all honesty I wouldn’t expect all of them to keep their mouth shut, but it is sad to see that some major scene websites contributed to the leak, in the form of “rumor” articles and falsely naive posts. In the long run, those things hurt the scene more than necessary.

That being said, hopefully all the people who were looking for the ninja release got the info in time, and, well, if you missed the Monster Hunter exploit AND the Urbanix exploit AND the Mad Blocker alpha exploit, maybe the world wasn’t ready for your Vita to be hacked. There might be other opportunities in the future, but to be honest, a Kernel exploit has that “once a year” kind of feeling to it, if you ask me. And the “extra opportunity” for those who missed the release was actually the Mad blocker Alpha one, which really wasn’t planned initially.

For people on previous exploits who haven’t updated to one of the 3 exploits mentioned above, I’d say stay tuned. At some point TN’s work will be made open source (as he said a few days ago), and porting the eCFW to your exploit will become possible at that point.

Lots of things to say about this, but for now I have to catch a bit of sleep.

Credits go to Total_Noob for the CFW, and to Frostegater for the Mad blocker alpha usermode exploit. A Paypal link to donate to Total_Noob can be found in the readme. Additional credits in the readme as well.


Download here, as usual

source: Total_Noob

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