[Release] Ac1DMoDz: PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.7 – More Tools and Updates

August 31, 2012

PSX-Scene developer Ac1DMoDz has released a modified version of PSDev‘s PS3Tools GUI Edition which includes PS3 HDD Studio, Package Tool Kit GUI and an HDD Category. In addition, SCETool is now up-to-date. According to Ac1DMoDz, there will be two versions of this release: one with Package Tool Kit and one without. The reason behind his decision is because a few applications that lie within Package Tool Kit come off as false positives and will set off your anti-virus application(s).

There will be two version’s of this release! One with the Package Toolkit and one without. The reason I’ve made two is because a few applications in the Package Tool Kit give off as a False-Positive. So if you do not want the one with the toolkit, just download the one without! Enjoy! – Ac1DMoDz

[Download – No Package Tool Kit Included]
[Download – Includes Package Tool Kit]

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