Release: CEF 6.60 TN-A for the JP version of Urbanix

October 7, 2012

News keep pouring in today. Developer Teck4, who was behind the Motorstorm exploit used in the first VHBL release a few months ago, managed to port Total_Noob’s eCFW to the Japanese version of Urbanix.

While I announced a few hours ago that developer WeeLeeds was blocked with “only” a hello world for the Japanese Urbanix exploit, it seems other hackers were hard at work to make Total_Noob’s eCFW a reality on all versions of the Game. JP was the only missing version, but less than a week after the initial EU-only release, all three versions of the game (US, EU, JP) are now compatible with the eCFW.

Credits for the port go to Teck4 of course, but he also thanks Total_Noob, Coldbird, Xerpi, hiroi01 and Zer01ne.


All versions (US, EU, JP) of Total_Noob’s eCFW can be downloaded here.

It goes without saying, but you need to have a legit (and working) copy of the game Urbanix running on your Vita. If you don’t, please stay tuned as Total_Noob announced he has the eCFW running on another game exploit.

Source: Teck4 via Neur0n

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