Release: CEF TN for Vita Firmware 2.02 with the UNO Exploit, by Frostegater

January 1, 2013

Important update: it seems for the EU version, you need your console to be set to English language in order for the exploit to work. I’m sure Frostegater will look into this, but in the meantime, if you use the EU version, please switch your console language to English!

Happy new year again! We eventually got convinced to not wait any longer and release the files for Frostegater’s port of Total_Noob’s CEF for Vita Firmware 2.02.

As a reminder, this tool relies on an exploit in the PSP Game UNO. You must own a legit copy of the UNO game on your PS Vita Firmware 2.02 in order for this exploit to run. CEF will let you play PSP Homebrews and PSP backups on your Vita. It does not allow you to play pirated Vita games, or PS Vita native content. To summarize, CEF does what a CFW or a HEN would do on a PSP.

Installation / How to use

Installation and how to run are explained in the readme, but for the sake of it:

  1. Extract the zip, and copy the folder that matches your version of the game (EU, JP, or US) to your content Manager PSAVEDATA folder. For example: My Documents/CMA/PSAVEDATA/1234567890abcdef/NPEH00020DATA00
  2. It is recommended to install OpenCMA, although until Sony releases a new firmware, the regular CMA client is ok too
  3. Copy the UNO savedata to your PS Vita with the content Manager
  4. run UNO on your PS Vita, and press X (or O) to continue, this should load the exploit

What next?

Now you’ll want some homebrews, and an explanation on how to install them. You can find a good selection of PSP homebrews here, and we explain how to install them on CEF here.

For more, head over to our /talk forums, where I’m sure many of us will be sharing tips, tricks, and pre-packaged homebrews that will run out of the box for this exploit.


Before (or after) you download and run this exploit, please consider making a donation to Frostegater below:

You can also donate to Total_Noob on this link.

If for some crazy  reason you want to donate to me for the awesome job I did coordinating the ninja release, please donate to the Red Cross of your country, this will make me and you feel even better about this hack :)

The files can be downloaded here. If you are seeing an old version of the download page, try this link instead.

Please report success/failure in the comments below or in the forums. I’ve tested the files several times myself, but a mistake is always a possibility.

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