Release date of TN-V, more information

February 18, 2013

After the announcement of TN-V we now have some more information to give, including when you can expect to get your hands on it!

Total_Noob’s TN-V is coming along and in the mean time people have had questions about what TN-V will be like and when the release will be so hopefully this will clear some of these questions up.

6.60 TN-V is a Custom Emulator Firmware (CEF) for the PSVita. TN-V will be a complete XMB experience on your Vita making use of the UNO 2.02 exploit (right now there are no plans for any other exploit support). TN-V is the whole PSP environment emulated. You’ll basically have a working PSP inside of your Vita with TN-V however with some features there are either problems or are not working like videos, sensme, or parts of the camera feature. Everything else you’d expect is supported.

Now, with TN-V the PSX compatibility has been increased compared to ARK, however its roughly the same. Another thing that will still not work with TN-V is PSX sound; again something that will most likely not happen because of ColdBird leaving the scene. For the technical side of things for those asking why, to recap, it is because the PSP used a second processor called the Media Engine to emulate a PSX’s sound. The Vita doesn’t emulate this processor when emulating the PSP so we can’t get normal PSX audio working. Another outcome of this is that with TN-V you wont be able to access videos unless another solution is found.

Some of the features of TN-V include but are not limited to:

  • Full Internet Radio feature
  • MS Speed up feature
  • Ability to use and play music through XMB
  • Access to the camera (Some issues with saving and other issues)
  • Almost all plugins are going to work in example dayviewer or CXMB (A CTF Theme loader) will work.
  • An install function to the game_plugin_module which allows moving ISOs and extracting archives.
  • Vast homebrew support (Unsuccessful homebrew launch will now return to the VSH with an error code instead of crashing.)

Lastly, regarding the release date of TN-V, we now have a better estimate in mind and you can expect to get your hands on it sometime in March 2013. Furthermore, due to the fact that TN-V is a very ambitious project with a lot of hard work going into it, depending on the amount of bugs that need to be fixed and whats left to be done to ensure a quality release it could be sooner or later than that however that time frame should be pretty solid.

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