[Release] DEX 4.25 OFW

October 28, 2012

Great analogy! Perfect, even! See, if you have to modify your engine completely for the new intake to work, and then the new intake — for whatever reason — happens to break your car, you cannot sue the car company either, because you have used a part that wasn’t made to be used with your model. Not to mention, that you previously have signed a EULA which clearly states that you shan’t modify the car, which secures their position even more. And that’s leaving out the part where you weren’t even supposed to have the new intake, because it’s not meant to be for the consumer market.

All Sony would have to do, is show that the change that bricks CEX2DEX consoles has some sort of purpose — no matter how minor — for legitimate DEX consoles, and they would be completely in the clear.

No matter how you twist and turn it, this is far from lawsuit grounds.

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