[Release] DynarecPS3 for 4.21 DEX/CEX CFW + PSX Dynarec Emulator POC

March 3, 2013

PS3dev IngPereira has pushed his project, DynarecPS3, to GitHub. Dynarec will help to enhance emulation on the PS3, like with the PS3SX emulator, and will (probably) help with N64 emulation as discussed many times in the forums before.


This tool make possible running JIT code on GameOS PS3 by loading patches to lv2, using peek | poke lv2 calls based in some codes from libkammy stuff on 3.41, right now just work on cfw 4.21 DEX or CEX, it need to be ported to others CFW.

It can be ported too to work on MFW (implementation on lv2_kernel.self, see bugs)

if anyone need help with porting to MFW (LV2_KERNEL) like cfw ps3ita or Rebug so have dynarec support patched without any pkg or lv2 patcher, just try to send me a pm or email.


So now is possible already to run dynamic recompiler on GameOS LV2, like i say by now just support 4.21 CFW CEX | DEX.

Download first commit 4.21 CEX | DEX already


You can now try to use dynarec from PS3SX for example.


.- First run dynarec enabler to patch dynamic recompiler code support, it will beep and log on hdd0.

.- To use dynarec from ps3sx you have to leave “interpreter mode“=OFF so it will try to use dynamic recompiler maded by anonymous, if you don’t launch first dynarec enabler then you will have a Black screen when trying to run any iso from ps3sx menu, so you need to run dynarec enabler before doing anything that need jit code support like this POC.

If you have run dynarec enabler before then you will see depending of the game (because this dynarec from ps3sx is too old and outdated, games works more faster but is not so compatible) that ps3sx will launch the game instead of black screen because GameOS is now patched.

Now we can make our own dynarecs for emulators that may use it, like n64 one or dosbox.

to see bugs, info see git.

Source: GitHub and PS3HaX

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