[Release] FreeLoader V.01 – The EBoot Grabber

August 6, 2012

PlayStation Scene developer Deviance has released an application designed to make your life easier by offering you an array of 3.60 EBOOTs all through one program with a nice GUI to match. Being the initial release, not many games are available at the moment however Deviance plans on adding to the database over time. This application should prove useful to those of you creating 3.60 fixes. Good job, Deviance!

This application is designed to make life easier to download Eboots. Since it’s the initial release, The database is still quite small but will be updated over time to add more additions.
Very simple to use. Click the game and press go!

What’s new?
-Initial release



-Planning on adding descriptions and make sure you are using the latest eboot
-Buy me a beer! (Donation info in about tab)
-If the eboot download gets removed. Just wait and a new link will be in the db.
-Also scanned with virus total! – http://bit.ly/Nhnkkc



  • Database updated
  • If you’re experiencing graphical issues when running the application, try this version.
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