[RELEASE] Google Poodle Browser v2.0 By Superfurry

January 7, 2013

I have now updated my Google poodle tool, I decided to make it is to a fully working browser, with all the functions of Google poodle built in and more.


Features and change log v2

Google poodle browser is a tool that lets you search using various hacks and intelligent search terms for the files you need.

Poodle Plug in:
Audio: mp3, flac , wav , midi , ogg , raw , vox , groove shark , last fm and more!
Video: AVI , mpeg , mp4 , divx , flash , youtube and more!
Gaming/Ps3: pkg , elf , self , pup , p3t , eboot , cheats , game music and more!
Dev: XML, java, C, C++, Python, PHP, and VB.
Misc: Lyrics , images , fonts , applications , ebooks , pdf , txt and more!

Gaming Plugin:
Download roms straight with in tool for: Nes, Snes, Megadrive, Amiga, Spectrum, Nastersystem, N64 and more
Help with finding emulators for any system
Online emulators you can play inside the tool

Mobile Plugin :
Search for free apps, paid apps, mobile video, apk, ipa, jar, epub and more!

Duck Duck Fetch Plugin:
Use duck duck go in an easier way!

Kennel Plugin:
Here is your Kennel where the latest news concerning Google poodle and the up and coming Kennel club will be live updated to you.

Kennel Klub will be a community for Google Poodle where you find plugins and also will have a PS3Hax members spotlight where you can share your projects, music, graphic design, homebrew etc

Browser Features :
Tabbed browser
Plugins (Not fully implemented yet)
The dog house
Screen capture
MP3 down-loader
Various tools
Poodle Services easy access to all Google services

Please have a play and see what you think and leave your comments and suggestions.

Known issues :
Upon starting up Google poodle when it does the update and downloads the files, your virus program (Namely avast) MAY kick up about it, the reason is if it does is because I’m having problems learning how to sign some of the files so if someone could help with that it would be great



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