[Release] Iris Manager 2.51 (official by estwald) Gracias ;)

July 25, 2013

Thanks @Sandungas for this update. :)
After some vacations estwald releases a new official version of iris manager:

Changes in v2.51:
-Added support for 4.46CFW (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20. Thanks to Rancid-o and company )
*Notes: Not tested by myself and i ignore if there are needed additional patches for Rogero 4.46 or if there is some kind of bug. Im still in 4.40 MiralaTijera… so test it and if there is some problem will see what can be done 

-Updated languages Chinese simplifyed/traditional (Thanks Liqianyu) and portuguese (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20)

-Added parental block to the settings menues (SELECT and START) based in the parental level of the user profile (readed from xRegistry.sys) to avoid kids entering in such setting menues. When the parental control is configured between 1 and 8 included it will be displayed a message when pressing these buttons


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