[Release] IRISMAN 2.93-1 (mod)

February 26, 2014

The developer @aldostools bring us a new update to his popular Iris Manager mod,

This is an “unofficial” version of Iris Manager 2.93 by Estwald/D-Skywalk. This version includes all the new Cobra/Mamba payload and ISO features added by Estwald. The changes that I made are mainly related to the user interface (buttons layout are more XMB-like, quick access to File Manager, progress bar when game list is scanned or file permissions are applied, colors, 15 gui modes, etc.). It also includes the Payloads for 4.41DEX/4.46DEX/4.50DEX/4.53CEX/4.55CEX from Rancid-O‘s PS3ITA Manager. The most notable feature is that unlike the official version, it scans GAMES/GAMEZ on the external drives.

Changelog 2.93-1: Added the features from official Iris Manager 2.93: Added support for Bluray and DVD ISOS and MKV videos on Cobra/Mamba (4.46, 4.53, 4.55); Use separated icons for MKV and DVD ISO; Scan /VIDEO and /MOVIES folders. /MKV path can be customized in settings.ini

Source Code 2.93-1: here

IRISMAN 2.93-1 (mod) updated 2014-02-24!


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