[Release] Max Payne 3 – Update v1.05 [FW 4.0] – Patched for CFW 3.40+ = Another workaround LOL

August 17, 2012

Try it at your OWN risk

Well Anon keeps working on this, i called some users on the board to test something and all went well, a few *fixes* maybe will do better. But i think we are going into a nice and possible new direction and workaround.

First he started with the test:

Max payne 3 BLES/BLUS test eboot and param.sfo:


To quote:

max payne 3 BLES/BLUS test eboot and param.sfo
the rar has an embedded readme with the pkg links
its probably best if they have the common.sdat from the duplex release, though I am not positive.

To quote:

They need to backup files
preferable that person has spoofing

Game update sfo’s
don’t replace the Game sfo!!!!

Then @CaptainCPS-X started to give me a feedback him testing what’s it’s posted above and he give us this solution:

Max Payne 3 – Update v1.05 [FW 4.0] – Patched for CFW 3.40+:

Here you have the PKG files for easy install of this awesome “Anonymous” collaboration! (thanks to @hellsing9 to for providing with the files) This is really cool since maybe more 4.0 FW games will be patched in the future by this Anonymous person! Thanks!

US Patch [ BLUS-30557 ]

FIX_340_UP1004-BLUS30557_00-MP3PATCH00000003-A0104-V0100-PE.pkg [51 MB]

Europe Patch [ BLES-00942 ]

FIX_340_EP1004-BLES00942_00-MP3PATCH00000004-A0105-V0100-PE.pkg [51 MB]

Installation instructions:

1- Download your specific PKG (US / EU)
2- Install normally from XMB.
3- Replace the original “common.sdat” from your untouched backup with DUPLEX’s one ( duplex-mp3ebootpatch.part1.rar | duplex-mp3ebootpatch.part2.rar ).
4- Load with multiMAN normally.




 You can use THIS thread i made, to report and get a better feedback about what’s happening. Maybe if *time* is our side we can add something more.


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