[Release] multiMAN 04.17.04 – New “Minimal”/”Bare” Version Available

December 27, 2012

DeanK has released multiMAN 04.17.04. There is now also a BARE version (only 3.8MB) available for those that complained about the size of multiMAN.


multiMAN 04.17.04 update is available online (cex/dex/stealth)

multiMAN ver 04.17.04 UPD CEX (20121226).pkg (1.76MB)

* Visual improvements
* Added SD/MS/CF entries in Retro
* Fade-in for game backgrounds
* Some other improvements related to copying/scanning/verifying/etc
* multiMAN “minimal”/”bare” version available (read below)


Few weeks ago some people requested a ‘minimalistic’ version of multiMAN. For them I created this package:

multiMAN ver 04.17.04 BARE CEX (20121226) (only 3.8MB)

This is a skinned down version (BARE). It can be installed on any PS3 without the need of a previous mM installation. It is like a “base” but the differences are:

* Simple theme (2MB) (no theme music)
* No GUI translations (English only)
* No user fonts (only system fonts will be used)
* No PS1/PS2/PSP names/IDs database (no game names will be displayed)
* AIOMOD not included (old BD-Mirror method for USB games will be used on 4.21+CFWs)

Do not use it unless you’re the one who asked for it. BARE can be installed on any firmware for normal users who don’t really need any of the listed above features. Of course NONE of these features are present in other BUMs so everyone should be happy. It can be installed on top of your current mM if you wish to test it (you will not notice much difference, because you already have the fonts/translations/aiomod/themes installed).

This bare version is suitable for:

* English speaking users
* All 3.41/3.55 (non Cobra/TB) firmwares
* All 4.21+ firmwares (disc may be required when booting bd-mirror USB games if AIOMOD.BIN is not present)
* Weeners who complain all the time that 130MB is too much for a stupid PS3 homebrew like mM



Source: PS3Crunch

Thanks to JailBroken for the news tip!

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