[Release] multiMAN v04.14.00 [BASE / FULL][CEX / DEX]

November 28, 2012

[Release] multiMAN v04.14.00 [BASE / FULL][CEX / DEX]

Just recently @deank released a new multiMAN version with a very nice changelog! 

Thanks @deank ! nice birthday present for me haha!


mirror 1: multiMAN ver 04.14.00 BASE CEX (20121128).rar [34.79 MB] (Thanks to @realth )
mirror 2: multiMAN ver 04.14.00 BASE CEX (20121128).rar [34.79 MB]

Thanks to @snideysnake for these:

mirror 3: multiMAN ver 04.14.00 BASE CEX (20121128).rar [34.79 MB]
mirror 4: multiMAN ver 04.14.00 BASE CEX (20121128).rar [34.79 MB]
mirror 5: multiMAN ver 04.14.00 BASE CEX (20121128).rar [34.79 MB]
mirror 6: multiMAN ver 04.14.00 BASE CEX (20121128).rar [34.79 MB]
mirror 7: multiMAN ver 04.14.00 BASE CEX (20121128).rar [34.79 MB]
mirror 8: multiMAN ver 04.14.00 BASE CEX (20121128).rar [34.79 MB]


mirror 1: multiMAN ver 04.14.00 FULL (20121128).rar [291.65 MB] (Thanks to @snideysnake )

Originally Posted by deank

mM 04.14.00

Changes related only to 4.20-4.30 CEX/DEX CFWs:

* BD-Mirror option now supports USB HDDs mounted as /dev_usb000 to /dev_usb127
* BD-Mirror option uses different approach now and doesn’t move the PS3_GAME folder of USB games and doesn’t modify the mount table
* After using BD-Mirror for USB games, the usb drive is still accessible in XMB (Video/Music/Photo/Saves)
* Improved disc-less support with BD-Mirror option enabled

USB Ports issues:
* When using more than one USB device mM will disconnect/reconnect them from/to the USB bus in the proper order
* This fixes games that crash when started from USB when multiple devices are connected

NTFS/PFS usage:
* It is now possible to use any NTFS usb drive without configuring its Vendor/Device IDs in USB.CFG
* When switching to NTFS/PFS mode use only one USB HDD connected (mM supports up to 2 partitions: FAT32+NTFS, NTFS+NTFS, FAT32+FAT32)
* To access the contents of NTFS drives use mmOS and /pvd_usb000 /pvd_usb001 (games from NTFS drives won’t show in other display modes)

* Better support for data CD/DVD/BD discs and improved “Enable Direct Disc Access” function
* Improved BD-Mirror function for games on internal HDD
* Games started from mmOS icons/shortcuts handle BD-Mirror/Ext.Game Data options properly
* Online update server updated (5320 PS3 game covers and 3420 PS1/PS2 game covers)
* Updated showTIME media player (for mM) to version 04.01.264
* Updated 8 translation files

Install Package Files (standalone application):
* Supports split pkg files named in the following format:
filename.pkg.0 -> filename.pkg.63
filename.pkg.001 -> filename.pkg.064
filename.pkg.66600 -> filename.pkg.66663

* Upon launch/refresh the following folders are scanned:

* Updated stDISC application (better drive reset timing and support for 4.30CFW)
* Updated gameDATA, bdRESET and lastGAME applications to support 4.30CFW
* Updated showTIME media player (standalone) to version 04.01.264 (CEX/DEX)

Source: PS3Crunch / multiMAN support & release thread

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