Release: New Exploit Games For Firmwares 3.01 and 3.10

March 26, 2014

For those of you still on PS Vita firmware 3.01, and even 3.10, there has been a big bang of events today. Six more titles were released for 3.01, and a game was re-exploited for 3.10.

Today was a  hectic day of releases. First, katsu, recently more known for his hardware hacking, released 5 different games that are exploitable on Vita firmware 3.01. Later on, a cohort of mine, @heleius, released another game that is also exploitable. I would like to make it known, that @qwikrazor87 was actually the one man show who exploit all 6 of these games. If you would like to donate to qwikrazor, go ahead and do so:

Now on to what the games actually are. Again, these will only work for those on firmware 3.01. If you don’t know how to to this, Jd8531′s guide should be a big help. You can find download files for all of the games at the end.

World of Pool

You are probably wondering, wasn’t this game patched in a previous update? Just like Urbanix, it was, but re-exploited again.

Pool Hall Pro

Again this game was also patched and re-exploited. for those of you that still have the game, but updated to 3.01, you can use it again.

Arcade Pool & Snooker

You guessed it, another game that was re-exploited. Wow.

Arcade Airhockey & Bowling

This one is special, it not only can load up TN-V but also VHBL.

Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest

This game is actually a new one that hasn’t before been exploited.


This game is also newly exploited. The Japanese version of this game is called Qruton.

Out of all of these games, I would recommend Numblast. Here is why, a quote from heleius:

Numblast is the ‘Field Runners’ of 3.01, it is fast, cheap $2.99, and takes up 36mb of space. I’d recommend getting it for anyone on 3.01 it is cheap, and you just start the game and it loads directly into TN-V.

Firmware 3.10 Exploit!

Jikkyo Pawafuru Puro Yakyuu 2012 and PawaPuro 2012 Ketteiban

This one is for firmware 3.10. It is really cool because using the way that Sony patches exploits, this exploit is impossible to patch. The game is Japanese only, and is permanently gone from the store. It will only work for those who already have it. This exploit was made by 173210. See instructions on installation here.

Downloads and installation

Once you have these files, you will need to put the TN-V core files into the savedata folder, and copy to your PS Vita with OpenCMA. If you already have OpenCMA, you will have to delete the files, update the official CMA, and reapply the OpenCMA files.

Let’s summarize:

  1. Get the TNV Loader (exploit) matching your game on our dedicated download page
  2. Get the TN-V Core files and copy them to your exploit savedata folder
  3. Copy the exploit to your Vita using OpenCMA

Need more details or help? Head over to our TN-V Dedicated forum!


I’m on Firmware 3.10, will any of these 3.01 exploit work for me? Can I downgrade to 3.01?

No, and No. But the pawapro exploit above (JP only) will work on 3.10!

How to buy the games without having to update, if I’m on Firmware 3.01?

Follow this guide from Jd8531

That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. I hope that all of you who didn’t have the chance to get TN-V before, get it now. Speak your thoughts in the comments below, or on Twitter, where you can contact/follow me @The_Jay_Doctor using the handy links today.

Sources: /talk and Hackinformer

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