[Release] New Red Ribbon Linux Online Update

February 23, 2013

r04drunner has released another Red Ribbon Linux online update for the PS3. He is also working on a new LiveCD which will contain these changes.

This update has been designed for the releases candidates 6 and 7. It includes the following changes:

  • Iceweasel (Firefox) updated to the 19 release.
  • Added a new version of the Red Ribbon theme.
  • Added the new “System settings” tool.
  • Added the new “Places” menu on the top panel.

You need to connect the PS3 to the internet, open a lxterminal and download the file:


wget http://downloads.redribbon.t15.org/online-update-2013-02-22.sh

Then, you must execute it:


sudo sh online-update-2013-02-22.sh

And wait until finished. Then, you must logout and login again.

This update will be included on the next release of the LiveCD.

Red Ribbon GNU/Linux @ Sourceforge

Red Ribbon GNU/Linux Blog

Source: PS3HaX

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