Release: Play PSX games on eCFW

December 12, 2012

You can now play your classic PlayStation games with any eCFW exploit.

That’s right, you can now play your classic PSX games with any TN eCFW exploits. The good news is that it works on all firmwares, even on the latest 2.01 official firmware’s psp emu kernel exploit from frostegater that we have yet to release. The PSX support works, however there are some bugs and glitches that come along with it, nothing that apprehends general use. The bad news is that, as of now there is still no sound support, which is sadly an outcome of Coldbird leaving the scene awhile back as he was the only one with sound coded at all. We may see it later on, however seeing it any time soon would be unlikely as it would take some incredible work to get it done.

Thanks to The Z, who was kind enough to go ahead and make a simple patch for this release, so that you don’t have to do anything else besides copy over the contents into your exploit folder. You can launch your PSX games straight from TN menu. Right now other menus have not been tested other than TN, so its better that you stick to that. If you were not aware, TN-C was released recently in which you should update to if you are still on an earlier version. You’ll need to make sure that the PSX game(s) are able to run/patched for 6.60. If you want to see a compatibility list you can visit this community /talk thread; its also extremely helpful if you could report your findings on what games work or wont work.

Download here:

Note*: The Z’s link provided here is for those who are interested, but please don’t ask us for a mirror if this one dies, as these files are in a grey area since they can contain code belonging to Sony. Also note that does not condone piracy.

Total_Noob (For all his work involved in the PSP and PS Vita scene)
Frostegater (For compiling the POPCORN.PRX file from the TN-C sources)

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