Release: Playstation 4 Trophy Extractor, by Red-EyeX32

March 24, 2014


Developer Red-EyeX32 just released a tool to extract the .TRP files from the PS4.

A similar tool to extract trophies from the PS3 and the Vita had been created several years ago by Red Squirrel, and this follows the same basic principles.

TRP files are a fairly simple container with a header describing the content of the files (similar to a tar file or an uncompressed zip). The tool is a straightforward GUI that runs a command line application which is in charge of the unpacking process. For those of you who want to dig deeper or create their own tool to extract these files, Red-EyeX32 has conveniently updated the ps4 dev wiki with some information about the TRP format:

typedef unsigned long int u32;
typedef unsigned long long int u64;
typedef struct
	u32 magic; //Ü¢M.
	u32 version; //#3 on ps4
	u64 fileSize; //size of full trp file
	u32 entryCount; //num entries
	u32 entrySize; // size of entry
	u32 unk1; //padding probably
	u8 hash[20]; //sha1 hash
	u32 unk2; // 0x30313000 ??
	u8 padding[0x2C];
typedef struct
	signed char name[0x20];
	u64 entryStart; //relative to &buffer
	u64 entryLength;
	u32 unk1; //3 on some, 0 on others, could be flags or an enum to determine if encrypted or not?
	u8 unk2[0xC];

Trophy files contain some information related to the trophies of your games, including png icons (which are *not* encrypted), and esfm files (which *are* encrypted)

You can apparently grab TRP files directly from retail ps4 game blu-ray discs, although I have yet to try.


You can download PS4 Trophy extractor here

Source: ps4hax

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