[RELEASE] PPC+ is here! PS4 MD5′s and more…

December 9, 2013

Well I recently got a new laptop and had to move everything across, so its taken me WAY too long to push this update, but here it is anyway!

PPC+ ~9/12/2013)
+ Added [ReActPSN] 3.01, 3.02 [PKG] MD5′s
+ Added [VENOMCORP] colorway [ORANGE] until proven safe
+ Added [VENOMCORP] 4.50 CFW [CEX]
+ Added [HABIB] 4.46 + cobra/4.50/4.53 1.00/4.53 1.01/4.53 DB [CEX] MD5′s
+ Added [HISHAMAGE] 4.50 1.05 [CEX] MD5 (I need 1.03-1.04 MD5′s please??)
+ Added [HISHAMAGE] 4.50 1.00 [DEX] MD5
+ Added [MIRALATIJERA] 4.46 + Cobra 7.00 [CEX] MD5
+ Added [OFW/CEX] 4.53 MD5
+ Added [TJHOOKER73] 4.53 REVERTER MD5
+ Added [PS4 OFW/CEX] 1.500/1.501/1.510 [PUP & RECOVERY] MD5′s
+ Rewritten I/O toggle to only output for unknown files (I might just remove this in future seeing as it always copies to clipboard by default…[?])
+ Added file selection toggle for PKG files.
+ Haven’t added support for newest mM builds yet (if anyone has MD5′s for the latest builds since 4.46 please post them here (@mschumacher69?) )

Download: HERE

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