[Release] PS Multi Tools v10

April 5, 2013

‘PS Multi Tools v10: Nature’

What is PS Multi Tools?

PS Multi Tools (previously PS3 Multi Tools) was designed to manage your PS3/PS2/PSP Game Backups.
It is able to load your PS3/PS2/PSP Game Backups from a folder/memory stick (like GAMEZ, GAMES, …) and reading the PARAM.SFO/SYSTEM.CNF file.
You are also able to copy the PS3/PS2/PSP Game Backups into an other HDD/Memory Stick.

With PS Multi Tools you can:

– Load PS3/PS2/PSP Game Backups
– Copy PS3/PS2/PSP Game Backups to a HDD/Memory Stick
– Format a HDD to FAT32 (any HDD size)
– Sign PKG files
– Patch LV2 for 4.21
– Edit PARAM.SFO files
– Decrypt/Sign EBOOTs up to 4.XX
– Check the MD5 Hash of the downloaded file with aldostools MD5 database to see if it’s the original file or a modified one
– Download the latest PC / PS3 Homebrew Applications, Official / Custom Firmwares, Emulators, Backup Managers …
– Customize PS Multi Tools via MyPS Multi Tools (Themes, Choose Language, Get BETA or RELEASE Updates, …)
– It has also a built-in PKG File Manager and FTP Manager.
– NEW: Convert PS1 games to PS3
– NEW: PS2 Classics Tool

– NEW Nature UI (Improvements, more effects, …)
– Added PS1 to PS3 converter
– Added PS2 Classics
– Updated old tools/homebrews
– Added new tools/homebrews

Please note:
– All versions below v10 will not more work because of the new PS Live Menu
– package_finalize.exe will hit your antivirus with a false positive, this does NOT mean that PS Multi Tools has a virus.

If you want to use the PS Live Menu with your tool read this:


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