[Release]: PS2 Linux Live DVD Version 3 = Now supports all PS2 Models.

August 8, 2012

Good news for Linux lovers you can run it on PS2 all models, you can install it and run the live DVD  from your internal HDD. Thanks to Megaman we have a tutorial too ;)

To quote Mega Man:


The new Linux Live DVD v3 for PlayStation 2 is available at PS2 Live Linux DVD v3. You need only to download one file. It will work on all PS2 models including slim, fat, modchip, no modchip and all regions.


The new features are:

  • Updated YouTube script which should work with all videos.
  • Compatible with all PS2 models (slim and fat)
  • Bochs
  • Windowmaker
  • Firefox
  • vncviewer
  • p7zip (command line tool)
  • lame
  • ps2fdisk_0.9-3
  • mpg123
  • Support for EyeToy including webcam support

New kernel parameters are:

Start WindowMaker instead of Fluxbox.

Update system at startup. This is intended to update the YouTube scripts. Maybe this will update more in the future.

Activate webserver which shows the picture from the EyeToy camera.

[Tutorial by Megaman] : Click Here

[Download]PS2 Linux Live DVD v3

[Source]sourceforge via psx-scene

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