[Release] PS3 Autofix v1.1: Latest version

August 10, 2012

User @aryasoft2872 bring us this tool. My kudos to him. and @aryaei for the update.

To quote:

i have made a program which helps you to fix your 3.6 games with just one click.
first you have to enter your titleID and after clicking on “Do It!” it will Automatically Download and patch the latest update/s which is below 3.6 to be playable on 3.55.

1-if you have downloaded files before and you just want to fix them put them in application’s folder.after checking the sony server if file exists it will skip that file and will start to fix
2-to copy download Download Link double click on it
3-this app doesn’t changes PARAM.SFO(Some times changing PARAM.SFO causes some problem in packing)to prevent Update error enable the spoof on your cfw
4-here is a example of which files to install
for example i want to update and install Gran Turismo 5
1-Enter BCES00569
2-it will automatically download the 9 files:

after download finished the application will automatically fix the latest patch (in this case:”EP9001-BCES00569_00-0000000000000000-A0113-V0100-PE.pkg”) and will make a new file which is fixed for 3.55 with following name:
(The last part of name has been removed.)
now you hav to install following 8 files:

and then install the latest update which is fixed by application(EP9001-BCES00569_00-0000000000000000.pkg)


Here is the latest version:
change log:
-Fixed some bugs
-Updated scetool to latest version to have better fixing.
-Added Option to just fix EBOOT.BIN.
-some minor improvements in code.(please report if app encounter any error)
don’t forget to install .Net Framework 4 (Use google)thanks Heden / DeLiGhT for psn_package_npdrm and naehrwert for scetool

[Download Latest version]

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