[Release] PS3 Eboot Modifier and package maker: by Medo

August 21, 2013

This is for those on 4.20+ that don’t know how to make a package or eboot with codes in it. This should simplify everything for everyone who wants to cheat, doesn’t want to buy CU3, and doesn’t know how to modify an eboot or make a package on their own.


.Windows 7
.NET Framework 4.5

Bungholio words about this:

I’m reserving this space to attempt to write some sort of guide or help with running PS3 Eboot Modifier & Package Maker. Odds are people will hit problems right away. I’ll write something up, and as problems occur for users I’ll put them here with a solution to them. All of us that have tested it have tried multiple games and all methods of adding codes have worked so far, so there should be no problems, just user errors like I randomly hit because I forget obvious things and need reminding.


Bare in mind that Op states that the tool is not 100% finished yet but but should be at later updates.

Bungholio statement about this tool:

Just to throw it out there as a note for all, this is mainly for those of you on a firmware higher than 3.55 who haven’t bought the CU3 dongle. If you’re on 3.55 and can use CU, or higher and bought CU3, you likely won’t have any use for this. It’s there since there are far too many of you that can’t figure out how to make a package on your own. It also has a bunch of codes that haven’t been released to the public yet, mainly because we don’t like the idea of CU3 scouring the net hunting for free codes to put in their database and hide behind encryption.

[Download] (File is clean)


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