[Release] PS3 Lite Tools v0.5

November 15, 2012

Hi people!

For those who are using or going to use only the PS3 part of PS Multi Tools, please check this 

I released a lite version of PS Multi Tools called PS3 Lite Tools.
But why a lite version of the PS3 part?
Well the PS3 part is the most used part of PS Multi Tools and offers the most, the best and the newest homebrews and firmwares available on PS Multi Tools.

What can you do with PS3 Lite Tools?

– Download the newest PS3 homebrews via the PS3 Live Menu
– Format HDD
– Game management will be implemented soon

Other informations

– VERY small < 1 MB download size
– Faster
– Has already some new changes and fixes of PS Multi Tools v7
– Works under Linux and Mac OS X with Wine/Winebottler

Current realease version is v0.5.
I hope you like it.


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