[Release] PS3Tools GUI Edition v3.1 – SPU emulation changes, .SELF encryption and all

July 23, 2012

Just finished my latest update for PS3Tools GUI Edition. I added quite a bit of changes in this version, scroll down to the Change log to see.

  • .SPU is now extension for emulator
  • SPU editor
  • Edit SPU files for emulator
  • Save SPU files for emulator whilst the program still open for faster emulation
  • A label that tells whether it’s currently emulating or not
  • SPU emulator has message boxes now upon successeions or errors
  • SPU refreshed button fixed
  • Changed interface for LS and codewatcher
  • Debug pkg decryption temporarily removed
  • checks pkg type now
  • SELF encryption added
  • Filter added to opening SPU file on editor and emulator so it narrows it down to just .SPU files
  • CEX2DEX now will tell if validation is done
  • Test.SPU included for testing
  • Included missing .dll for SPU emulation

I had some reports the Debug pkg decryption wasn’t working, so I removed until further notice.



# to make a comment use #

This is how to load a file
#elf,file.elf,true #the ext first the comma then the file name and ext. 

#place the file to load in program folder

#now just load this test.SPU file and in r3[0]
#here is how you would test a register
#r,3,0,0xdead0000 #meaning r3[0] #shows in leftside

r,3,0,0xdead0000 #above^
r,5,0,0xbabe0000 #r5[0]
r,4,1,0xcafe0000 #r4[1]
r,127,0,0xbeef0000 #r127[0]
r,54,2,0xdead0000 #r54[2]

Nice little example I made up, I commented on it to give you a little understanding. Still gotta give props to KDSBest for original creation.

Read the license file in download.

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