[Release] PS3TOOLS v3 For Mac OsX + Scetool for OsX

December 26, 2012

PS3HaX member and software developer Nevik has released the third version of his PS3TOOLS for mac OsX.

Good day and Merry Xmas to all who take part.

This is PS3TOOLS_v3 for OsX

What is new:
Scetool thanks Naehrwert and flatz!
klicencebruteforce thanks Magic333X and aldostools for some advice.
A special thanks to a friend on the irc you know how you are!

Please read the Scetool.ReadMe and the READMEMAGiC333X.txt for additional information.

How to use:

Just download the zip file and extract to your home directory and double click Start_Ps3tools. I have included the updated keys for F0F tools if you don’t have these already place them in the .ps3 folder in your home directory.

This is a work in progress so please leave any questions or anything suggestions here in the forum.

Download the zip here: http://www.2shared.com/file/PAIF9S9o/PS3TOOLS_v3.html

A extra note:
In PS3TOOLS gui Scetool is limited to basic disc/npdrm signing for 3.55/4.21. If you want to resign lv1/lv2 or things of the such you will need to use the command line and have a understanding of what you are doing.

edit: If you are in need of altering a PARAM.SFO for a disc game let MM do it for a update you will need to make a new one by copying/altering the information from one xml to a new xml which will then make a new PARAM.SFO using psl1ght. It is not perfect but it works.

Once again thanks to all the great people out there making this fun happen.
Naehrwert, flatz, F0F,graf, kakaroto, Magic333X, aldostools, HACKERSCHANNEL-PS3Py….. and all the rest too many to name.

Peace to all and have a wonderful day!


Source: PS3HaX Forums

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