[Release] ps3vnc v1.0 – VNC Viewer for the PS3

March 16, 2013

nicogrx has released ps3vnc, a VNC Viewer for the PS3. With this app you can view and navigate your computer with the PS3 over network. Here are the release notes:

A very basic vnc viewer for the ps3.

Did that stuff 2 years ago for my personal usage and i finally decided to share it. Works fine when connected to my ubuntu box running vnc4server.
It run slower when connected to a windows 7 machine. Do not ask me why

Only 32bpp mode is supported with hextile, rre, copyrect & raw rfb encodings. There are probably many things to improve in the code to get it running faster but i have no time to spend on that right now. I might release the code on github if somebody request it.

Use a usb mouse & keyboard for a better experience.
Of course, it is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind.

PS: Thanks to the great guys that brought the psl1ght toolchain and the SDL porting to the open community.

*click on the images for a bigger size”

Download: ps3vnc (963.4 KB)

Source: PS3HaX

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