Release: PSP Usermode exploit (compatible up to Vita 2.61) for Pipe Madness – sources

November 10, 2013

Frostegater’s releases keep going, with the release of some of his exploits for the firmwares before 3.00. For those who are just joining us, Sony has patched several undisclosed game exploits with firmware 3.00. Since it is still possible to access the PSN on a firmware 2.61 using a proxy, Frostegater decided that those of you who want VHBL might as well use these exploits, even though they will not work on the most recent firmware.

Frostegater has released a VHBL port for Fieldrunners a few days ago. That exploit has the great benefit of running extremely fast (run the game and you’re directly in VHBL, basically).

Today he releases the sources of a usermode exploit for game Pipe Madness. Details on this exploit are extremely sparse, but this seems to be yet again a buffer overflow type of exploit in a PSP game. Frostegater mentions this can be used to port TN-V to this exploit on older firmwares (this will not magically let the old Kernel exploits work on higher firmwares)

These are only the sources for a hello world and a binary loader. There is no working VHBL port or TN port yet, but people with dev skills are free to give it a shot. If nothing else, this is interesting for those of you who want to understand how “hacking” works in PSP games.


Pipe Madness exploit source, up to Firmware 2.61

Source: Frostegater

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