Release: PSP Usermode exploit (up to 2.61) for Half Minute Hero

November 11, 2013

PSVita Official Firmware 3.00 was a major update and it has been discovered that a LOT of game exploits were patched (around 20) so many developers whose private exploits got patched are releasing them for earlier firmwares. Frostegater has already released two: Pipe Madness and Fieldrunners. This time, it’s Yosh aka wth on the /talk forums with Half Minute Hero.

In his post on the /talk forums, Yosh says

“Hey guys,
with PSVita 3.00 firmware update were apparently quite several exploits (include private ones too) patched, including the private exploit of mine I’ve been using since Everybody’s Tennis was published and fixed.
Indeed Zer01ne used his Uno exploit until it got public, and lately decided to use mine too but unfortunately for him especially, he told me it’s been patched on 3.00 !
Damn Sony, they probably watched my crash logs / PSN game purchases who knows lol.

The game is Half Minute Hero, available in EU / US / JPN PSNs, with exploit working until firmware 2.61, and VHBL too.
However I didn’t update my VHBL for it since a long time, indeed I’m only using it to load eCFW since then.
To make this VHBL usable someone would need to merge it with the official VHBL latest changes, so that files respect the 8.3 CMA name convention and have uppercase file names. I have no time for this ;)
jigsaw also found this exploit himself after me, and we also had an agreement to keep it private, but since Zer01ne verified it’s not usable anymore on 3.00 it’s no use not publishing it anymore.

VHBL info :
This VHBL uses a special GPU unlocking method using sceGeListUpdateStallAddr on the game’s main qid, indeed without it the GPU won’t draw on the screen somehow, making VRAM direct write working only (without this “fix” sceGeListSync and sceGeDrawSync never end to be precise).

Files :
– Binary loaders for EU / US / JPN games : they will load & execute the H.BIN file you put in their save folder
– VHBL r147 for EU game (to make compatible with new CMA 8.3 file format)

Coldbird is to thank for crafting the US / JPN exploit payloads though :)
Have fun ;)


The VHBL port can be downloaded from the link below:

Half Minute Hero VHBL (<3.00)

The game costs $9.99 on the US store.

We still recommend Fieldrunners though because of how fast it boots VHBL. It’s still available (at least on the US store) for $6.99.

If you’re having trouble getting the game, you can follow wololo’s guide and adapt it for whichever game you want to use.

So, lots of VHBL releases this week, if you’re on <3.00, this is your chance to grab an exploit before it’s too late!

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