[RELEASE] psxtract, a tool to convert psx eboots to iso

February 25, 2014

Hykem the Demon, known for his amazing work on Reverse Engineering on file formats, such as PGD, SDAT, EDAT, RIF, RAP, ACT.DAT and others (you can see some of his work on the emunewz network forums) has decided to release the last piece of the puzzle for psx decryption, a tool called psxtract, which converts psx eboots to iso format.

You can read all about it on his github:


Draan, Proxima and everyone involved in kirk-engine (libkirk source code)

tpunix (C port and research of the PGD and AMCTRL algorithms)

PSPSDK (PBP unpacking sample code)

Note for the people using this: Multi Disc ISO support isn’t available. you may also expect some bugs with some of the isos.

Source and download

Thanks to zecoxao ;)

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