[Release] RetroArch v0.9.8 (PS3/CFW 3.40-4.XX/Unofficial)(MOD by CaptainCPS-X)

January 28, 2013

[Release] RetroArch v0.9.8 (PS3/CFW 3.40-4.XX/Unofficial)(MOD by CaptainCPS-X)

Hiyas everyone here I bring you my own build of RetroArch with a nice ROM(s) loading fix, and as a bonus I included SNES9X-NEXT (LIBRETRO CORE) and FB ALPHA (LIBRETRO CORE) builds compiled/signed by me.

Loading of ROM(s) can be done directly from multiMAN (retro column) or other external method now. This should work on CFW 3.40 to 4.XXwithout problems.

Here is the README.txt with more detailed info:

RetroArch v0.9.8 (PS3/CFW 3.40-4.XX/Unofficial)(MOD by CaptainCPS-X)


This modified build fixes issues with ROM(s) not loading
correctly on multiMAN or other external methods.

As a bonus I included a working builds of:




1- Install official RetroArch v0.9.8 on your PS3.
2- Install the PKG included here (you MUST do step 1 first).
3- Enjoy!



Do not bother Squarepusher / TwinAphex / TheMaister or any of
the official RetroArch developers if you find any problems
with this build.

This is a unofficial release.


[Thanks to]

The original LibRetro / RetroArch developers / contributors who have
made this application a great free homebrew.

And thanks to the original developers who wrote the core of each
emulator (arcade/console/handleheld/etc).

Thanks to everyone else that I missed here and really deserves


I will release the code modifications later, I been all day/night messing with code and I need to take some rest (sleep xD), but later I’ll get in touch with RetroArch devs to share my “quick” fix for the ROM(s) loading issue.


[mediafire] RetroArch_v0.9.8_PS3_UNOFFICIAL_R1_[CFW_340_4XX][CaptainCPS-X].rar [7.41 MB]



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