[Release] SED port for PC

February 2, 2014

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I last posted but that’s because I’ve been busy with life. This morning, being free for the first time in almost a month, I decided to work on some code so I decided to make a proper program to encrypt/decrypt PSP savedata. This is much simpler than the JPCSP/PPSSPP hack (which only decrypted savedata). Despite previous failed attempts, this time it worked! So here’s the release!


It’s fairly simple to use this tool.

Usage: sed -e [Input File] [PARAM.SFO] [Output File] [Game Key File]

sed -d [Input File] [Output File] [Game Key File]

Where :

‘-e’ tells it to encrypt, ‘-d’ to decrypt.

[Input File] is the file to encrypt or decrypt

[Output File] is the name of the file to save to

[PARAM.SFO] is the location of the PARAM.SFO file whose hashes should be updated (Not really updated yet)

[Game Key File] is the full path to the file which has the game key

Download Link

The (extremely) untidy source code can be found at GitHub

Credits go to the team behind libkirk and to the PPSSPP team for the sceChnnlsv implementation, these two libraries made my work easy.

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