Release: SKFU’s Pr0xy

November 13, 2013

SKFU’s Vita pr0xy is a generic pr0xy tool with enhancements to access the Sony services. Many people have been using it successfully as a replacement for Charles Proxy, for example to access the PSN on lower firmwares with their Vita.

SKFU’s Windows utility was featured as one of our most popular “homebrews” for the Vita this month, and this motivated SKFU to publish an update for it.

Now named “SKFU’s pr0xy” since it will work for much more than just your Vita, the tool has a few major new features and fixes. From SKFU’s release notes:

  • The most user-friendly Windows Pr0xy
  • Keyword filter
  • Filter plugin support (users can create and share plugins)
  • Rules by traffic direction
  • Import & Export of rules
  • Blacklist
  • Raw data modification
  • Fast de-/encode
  • SSL Filter
  • DNS Lookup
  • and a lot more…

A nice alternative to Charles proxy, which is commercial software.

Network tools are becoming a new trend in console hacking: as the devices themselves are getting extremely secure, and console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft offer an increasing amount of services online, more and more hobbyists and hackers try to look for flaws at this level of the experience. The recent Brazil PS+ bug was also a reminder that “hacks” do not necessarily require crazy technical skills, or to even hack the device.


You can Download SKFU’s pr0xy here

Source SKFU

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