[Release] spkg tool 1.0

December 6, 2012

An unknown(?) source has released spkg tool 1.0. This is a tool for developers. Read the readme below for more information.

spkg tool 1.0

- fail0verflow key folder
- spkg(3.56+) and pkg(0.80-3.55) key/iv
- disabled ecdsa check in spu_pkg_rvk_verifier

- spkg in.pkg out.spkg_hdr
- spkg in.spkg_hdr out.decrypted_spkg -d


thanks to:
- fail0verflow for their tools
- anyone that thinks replacing a coldboot logo means creating his/her own cfw :P

Download (for linux and windows): spkg tool 1.0

Source: PS3Devwiki

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