Release: TN-C eCFW for Vita!

November 18, 2012

Developer Total_Noob has released TN-C eCFW with a huge list of improvements including compatibility for the Motorstorm and Super Collapse exploits. TN-C has also now become open source. Keep reading!

The long awaited and highly anticipated update to TNmenu by developer Total_Noob for all exploits is finally here, bringing a substantial update to just about everything. With TN-C Total_Noob has added compatibility for those still holding out on the Motorstorm and Super Collapse 3 exploits; something he was testing a while back. TN has also made this release open source which means other developers will be able to build and add new features to TN-C. With this release Total_Noob also released a statement that this will be most likely his last release. It’s very sad news; we can only say thanks and best wishes in your future endeavors.

“As promised, here is the new open sourced TN-C. This is probably my last release, because my priority is still familiy, friends and school ;) If you continue my project, please keep it open source and call it ‘TN’ :P Best wishes.

~Andy, aka Total_Noob”

The release is packed with tons of bug fixes, fixes for compatibility issues and has an entirely new look. TN listened to users and fixed everything, making it the best TN release thus far. You can find a list of the full release and new features below including a tutorial on installing ISO/CSO and homebrew by TN. The download links can be found at the bottom with a preview of it. Enjoy! :D

– Changelog CEF 6.60 TN-C
* Added 1.61-1.67 firmwares support (supports Motorstorm and Super Collapse 3 exploits).
* Added ability to alter user name and button assign (enter button).
* Added possiblity to change buttons to exit and its hold duration.
* Added possiblity to change CPU speed (the PSP Emu’s CPU is increased by 60%. Even 20/10 CPU on PSVita is faster than 333/166 CPU on PSP ;) )
* Added custom folder hider(fixes dj max portable 3 crash).
* Fixed issue with backups which within load an ELF file (fixes crash in Talkman and probably in more games).
* Improved module device check patch (fixes Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur).
– Changelog TN Menu
* Updated the whole user interface (by Darkenvy).
* Added memory space check.
* Added PIC1 display.
* Fixed bug that doesn’t allow you to go to PSVita menu when you load TN Menu within TN Menu.
* Fixed crash when you move a backup file and the ISO folder does not exist.
* Made everything smoother.
* Improved ZIP reading (increases menu boot with packages).

* [] to open the configuration menu.
* / to delete a file.
* X to install a homebrew, move backups, or to load a homebrew/game.
* Arrows to move.

Prepare homebrews:
* Create an ZIP archive of the homebrew, saved as: ‘FILENAME.ZIP/PSP/GAME/*THE_HOMEBREWS_NAME*/EBOOT.PBP’.
* “FILENAME.ZIP” can be saved somehow, it just MUST BE UPPER CASE LETTER and the filename can ONLY BE 8 CHARACTERS LONG.
* Save the archive in the savedata folder.

Install ISO/CSO:
* Copy backup file to the savedata folder, UPPER CASE LETTER, 8 CHARACTERS LONG (e.g. BACKUP.ISO).
* Start TN Menu and press X on the game to move it to ‘ms0:/ISO/’ (you’ll reach ~2000 KB/s).

This is a ZIP file which contains images for TN Menu.

Source Code
CEF TN got open sourced by GPLv3. I am tired of programming and give you guys the job continue it. Please respect the license, make it open source.
It also contains ‘popcorn’ which is a beta module for psx support. Perhaps a master can finish it with sounds.

* Thanks to Dark_AleX for his impressive work.
* Thanks to Darkenvy for his TN Menu graphics.
* Thanks to Takka for his ISO/CSO reader.
* Thanks to xerpi who found Urbanix Exploit EU.
* Thanks to Frostegater for MBA Exploit.
* Thanks to teck4 for Gravity Crash Exploit.
* Thanks everyone who collected bugs.

A personally taken screenshot of the new features and look.


Download links and mirrors can be found here:

Downloads include all exploit saves (except Monster Hunter which can be found below) their regions and source code. All confirmed to work!

(Thanks to The Z for the missing exploit saves for Monster Hunter!)

Download links and mirrors for the Monster hunter version:

Update: More download links from The Z here if you are having issues finding what you’re looking for1

 As always if you like what you see, you might want to consider donating to Total_Noob using the paypal button above.

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