Release: TN-V v2

April 1, 2013

nullGreat news, an update to TN-V is here to fix a lot of issues and features!

After the recent release of TN-V users have been actively reporting their issues and bugs here which has allowed us to efficiently get these fixed. Here’s the full change log for Version 2 of TN-V.

  • Added option in ‘Advanced’ to delete ISO cache. This may help if you’ll get an infinite loop while opening game menu.
  • – Added possibility to launch backup file from savedata folder.
  • – Added ability to move backup file to ‘ms0:/ISO’.
  • – Added support for custom PS1 DOCUMENT.DAT.
  • – Fixed msfs driver bug that caused data corruption which led to resetted settings.
  • – Fixed msfs driver bug that caused Lamecraft not seeing savedatas.
  • – Fixed folder ‘.’ and ‘..’ extension patch.
  • – Improved Virtual PBP Manager (faster ISO loading in game menu).
  • – Changed ISO boot mode to ‘umdemu’ – may fix some ISOs.
  • – Optimized recovery menu.

To update simply go to ‘Network Update’ in the XMB or alternatively you can find a download here (Install it like a homebrew). Thanks again to Total_Noob for his hard work and contributions.

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