Release: TN-V v3

April 13, 2013

TN-V v3 was completed a little sooner than expected and you can now update!

If you are unaware of what TN-V is, TN-V is a 6.60 Custom Emulator Firmware for the PSVita that takes use of all kexploits released for firmwares 2.02 and below bringing the full PSP XMB environment. You can read more about TN-V on the official release page here.

Otherwise for those of you aware, we just recently announced the v3 update for TN-V however its already completed and ready for you to install right now. TN’s new update for TN-V brings a ton of bug fixes and support for new features. Some of you were having issues with SC3 and Urbanix JP exploits, but you should no longer have any issues or errors. Below you can find the complete changelog for the update. This may be the last update for TN-V on 2.02 and below.

Changelog TN-V v3:

  • – Added possibility to play the exploit game. The first 2 letters of the savedata folder will be replaced with ‘TN’.
  • – Added support for the great VSH plugin ‘PSPConsole’.
  • – Added support for Prometheus patched backup games.
  • – Fixed Super Collapse 3 and Urbanix JP exploit.
  • – Fixed msfs driver bug that caused data corruption which led to resetted settings, again.
  • – Rewrote ELF loading. Fixed loading of static ELF of some games like ‘Splinter Cell’.
  • – Redirected non-working power functions to similar functions.
  • – PSN purchased PSX games work again.


The update is OTA so all you have to do to update is navigate to ‘Network Update’ in the XMB or alternatively you can find a download here (Install it like a homebrew). Thanks again to Total_Noob for his hard work and dedication.

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