Release: TN-V6 for the Ben 10 AFVA exploit (PS Vita 3.01)

December 23, 2013

If you’ve been lucky enough to grab the Ben 10 exploit last week while the ninja release was ongoing (the game got pulled from the PSN store before we could make a public announce), the long wait for you is over. Enjoy this release and TN-V6

Credits and Donations

Credits go to Kankertje for the Ben 10 exploit, to Qwikrazor87 for porting the exploit into a TNV Loader, and of course to Total_Noob for TN-V6. If you appreciate these guys’  work, please consider a donation.

You can Donate to Kankertje with the link below:

You can donate to Total_Noob here

You can donate to Qwikrazor87 here

How to download and install TN-V4

To download and install TNV6 on your PS Vita, please follow the instructions below:



  • download 660.PBP Here. (choose the PSP 1000/2000/3000 version, *not* the PSP Go version). Depending on the download links, if the file you download is named EBOOT.PBP, rename it into 660.PBP
  • Download TN-V6′s binary files here
  • Download the TN-V6 Loader for your game here. Choose the download that matches your game and region!
  • If you don’t have it already, download and install OpenCMA


  • Extract the savedata from the TN-V4 loader of your game on your hard drive, in your CMA’s PSAVEDATA/xxxxx folder (where xxxx are a bunch of letters and numbers).
  • Copy TN.BIN, FLASH0.TN, and 660.PBP in the game’s savedata folder (where you can find ‘H.BIN’)
  • Copy the game’s savedata to your Vita, using OpenCMA

Running TN-V4

  • Now run the exploit for the game (the trigger varies on the game) and TN-V should start.
  • On the first boot, the recovery menu will appear automatically.
  • Select ‘Advanced ->’ menu and then select ‘Install 6.60 files’ (this step is only needed if you’ve never used TN-V4 before).
  • Enjoy the install progress.
  • After the install is done, go back and exit the recovery menu.
  • Enjoy TN’s awesome work.

If the instructions above are not enough to get you started, head over to our forums

What to do next?

Now get crazy and start downloading a few emulators and homebrews, we have a huge list here, and here

There have been many releases, patches, etc… of TN-V and its loaders over the past few days. If you’re having problems with your specific exploit, please ask around on our forums, it is possible a more recent of TN-V, or of the loader, is available for your specific game.

Please report success/issues with the Ben 10 exploit in the comments below!

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