Release: Unofficial Open CMA R4.5

October 18, 2012

Open CMA version R 4.5 makes it easier to install and use as well as fixes and optimizes for older operating systems. This Version has also been tested to work on all Vita Firmwares.

This Version is built on Virtuous Flame’s OpenCMA; This is unofficial as it is not by VF. Credit goes to him however for his dedicated hardwork and amazing talent on OCMA. This R4.5 Version & Tutorial is by myself (Jd8531)
Download link:

 What is Open CMA?
Open CMA is the content manager to copy files to the Vita and back but without any internet connection unlike the official Sony CMA. It will also not sneak a patch or do a forced firmware update on your device if one comes out and it will not send any data to Sony or their servers about whats being copied, edited, and transferred. Open CMA also does not collect data regarding crashes.
In General it:
1. Allows offline transfers on either PC or Vita.
2. Allows lower firmwares to transfer.
3. Disallow the sending of information to Sony.
4. No contact to Sony’s servers.
5. Opencma prevents cma from auto updates.
6. It also allows you to transfer anything black listed, it doesn’t check their servers before you copy to mainly see if it’s on the PSN.

-Easier to Install and Setup
-Optimization for Windows XP (There still may be some issues, XP is outdated and its recommended to use this on Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 8)
-Freezes and Bugs during install

1. If you have any type of open CMA already go to where it is installed and delete all of the contents inside
2. If you do not have any CMA or have deleted the contents from step 1 make sure your file structure is correct
Should be something like this (C:Program FilesSonyContent Manager Assistant)
3. Inside the Content Manager Assistant folder extract all of the contents of r4.5 into the folder.
4. Run setdll.exe
5. Run run.bat
6. Thats it enjoy! You can create a shortcut of CMA.exe to your desktop for fast launch.

General Troubleshooting
If you still have issues after r4.5
-Try to reboot the PsVita
-Run steps 5 and 6 in Admin mode
-Replace the psp2-update.xml with a specific one for where you live


Special Notes and Comments

  • Its recommended that you use open CMA with vhbl or eCFW TN.
  • Special Thanks to ind3x-gosu and Cheestheif for the XML region edits :)
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