Release: VHBL 2.60 Update for Arcade Pool (& Snooker) – fixes error C1-2858-3

August 24, 2013

Those of you who have been trying to use our latest VHBL release on game Arcade Pool (& Snooker) were out of luck, as it seems a tiny bug made it to Qwikrazor87′s port on this specific game (both US and EU version).

Qwikrazor87 has found that one of the sound threads from the exploited games was not properly being deleted, ending up crashing the Vita. He fixed that and released a fix.

For those interested in the way VHBL works, you can picture it as a parasite that takes over a “target” (the exploited game). The idea is to free as much Ram as possible without crashing the exploited game in the process. This consists in deleting all the threads and modules of the game in a specific order. Sometimes we miss one when investigating how the game works, and this means it can crash the entire console eventually. Since a hacked PSP and a Vita don’t always behave the same way when one thread is left out, this problem probably went unnoticed initially.

But I digress, you can get the updated files below. Again, this is only useful for people who were seeing a C1-2858-3 error on the Arcade Pool (& Snooker) game.


We updated the download links on our VHBL page.

If for some reason the links do not appear for you, check the source link below instead:

Source: Qwikrazor87 on /talk

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