Release: yMenu for CEF 6.60 TN

October 7, 2012

Developer yosh (a.k.a. wth), known among other things for the VHBL port on Everybody’s Tennis, but also for creating a great alternate menu for VHBL (yMenu), just released an update of his menu that is now compatible with Total_Noob’s eCFW for the Vita.

This menu brings nice features and animations to the original by Total_Noob: improved stability, the possibility to customize your background, etc…

To install, just extract the zip in your Urbanix save file, and copy the savefile again on your PS Vita, using OpenCMA

Alhough there should be no risk in this operation, be sure to have a backup of your vita system handy everytime you touch something related to Total_Noob’s exploit. We’re hearing horror stories of people who wiped out their game by mistake and didn’t have a backup. Remember that you can’t download the game from Sony’s stores anymore (and the day they put it back, the firmware will have been patched!)


you can download Yosh’s menu here

source: /talk

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