[Released] 3.55 CFW And PSN

October 12, 2012

Probably easier to patch ****PSN since it’s already close.

Source here: https://github.com/drizzt

Line 36/37 you update with the new passphrase & version.

Russians say:


Value:PS3 03.55 Replace
Value:PS3_C 04.21 (once 4.25  put here)
replace all поставить, ок

I’ve attached an untested ‘editable’ version of Fpsn to this post.
– Passphrase updated
– Platform-version strings changed to have PS3_C (underscore-c is not present by default.. in 0.9)
– bingo.bat runs with spoofed consoleID
– bingo_nospoof_console_id.bat does not spoof consoleID at all.

Not at home, so i can’t test if it works, but i see no reason why it won’t.

Note that the russian version/charles version does not spoof consoleID. So if ‘go’ doesn’t work, just ctrl-c and try the go_nospoof bat file.

This is a drop-in for 0.9, you should have your certs etc. already setup on the ps3 side.. (see original readme from Fpsn..)

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